Committed to the Environment



Environmental Mission Statement:

“It is our goal to maximize the use of recyclable materials in the manufacture of our products and to minimize environmental impact through enhanced manufacturing processes.”

GMI is committed to reducing our environmental impact to a minimal and acceptable footprint. We continue to strive for waste reduction in our manufacturing processes, recycling waste that is generated, and investing in new technologies that will allow the increased use of recycled content. Our continued compliance with Federal, State and Local environmental ordinances has resulted in violation free inspections and cost savings through utilization of re-processed materials.


GMI has increased our use of electronic media to reduce our consumption of paper products. In addition, we encourage our business partners to adopt these policies in communicating with us.

Research and Development:

Our new product designs incorporate ideas that center around maximizing material yields, utilizing clean manufacturing technologies, and recyclability of the product at the end of it's life cycle.


We have implemented programs both on our shop floor and in the field to reduce our environmental impact. All of our wood pallets and packaging material are recycled. Our installers return all packaging material from our onsite work to be recycled or re-used when possible.

Staff Training:

All GMI staff are trained on using sound environmental practices. We conduct an annual environmental impact audit and review the outcomes with our staff to see areas that we can improve on. Through continual improvement of our processes we have reduced our environmental impact. We have a PIPP plan in place and conduct training with our staff to ensure our response to any event that may have environmental impact is handled accurately and responsibly.

GMI is proud of our efforts to protect our environment and will continue to pursue new methods and technologies to continue this effort.